Anatomy Overload is my blog exploring all things anatomy and manual therapy related. This blog is linked to my Sports Massage Clinic – Azurite Wellness – which is based in Chatham Kent (UK).

My name is Tilly Seargeant and I am the owner of Azurite Wellness Sports Massage and also Anatomy Overload. I have been fascinated by anatomy and physiology for a long time, especially topics relating to musculoskeletal problems. In my clinic I treat a range of muscular issues on a daily basis, and I enjoy educating my clients about why they have certain problems, as well as how to resolve and prevent them. I realised that clients recover better when there is a clear explanation about what exactly is going on, and thus my idea to start blogging was born. Originally I made blog posts on my clinic website, however I want to expand it beyond this in it’s own space.

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